What is SavySwap?

Savyswap is a secure online trading experience made easy through a social exchange.

Our Mission

"Transparency of the Trade"

Especially in the digital trade, just in case you haven't noticed. We stand beside our mission in helping you obtain the most value for your item without wasting your time. Savyswap matches you with real people who have things you want.

The rule of thumb

If you question it, think twice about posting it.

Things on Savyswap range from electronics to hand crafted items and services. The potential of "Acceptable items" is limitless, just please be sure to use common sense.

Our Story

In the city of brotherly love.

In 2011 while living in Denver, CO, Chris had trouble getting rid of his bed and couch on Craigslist due to its unsecure posting process. Across the country in Philadelphia, Calvin was also experiencing the same problem when looking to trade his items.

Fate would bring them both together thanks to a Philadelphia meetup group started by Calvin that Chris had joined. In the summer of 2012, with a desire to take the agony out of trading online and to create a better experience than what currently exists, Savyswap was born.

Contact Us

We'd Love To Hear From You

We like to think we are "savy" humans which means all emails will be replied to within 24hrs, by a real person! If you still use horse and carriage to send letters, you are out of luck!